Zen living. Net-zero performance.

– Specs:

  • 3 bedroom, 2 bath house,  1,694 square feet
  • One car attached garage
  • Site net-zero energy*: included photovoltaic system provides 100% of anticipated site energy use
  • Quality, modern materials including quartz countertops, cork and exposed concrete floors, tile backsplash and shower, and translucent glass cabinets
  • Designed and built to Passive House standards
  • European tilt-and-turn triple glazed windows
  • Ultra-high efficiency custom doors with Vacuum Insulated Panels
  • Heat pump heating/cooling and water heating. Innovative use of “waste” cooling provided by heat pump water heater.
  • Super airtight construction for energy savings, comfort, and durability
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation for superior air quality
  • Oversized soaking tub on second floor
  • Private yard and deck

– Completed: August 2014
– Client: Speculative (sold September 2014)
– Architect, Developer, Builder: PDX Living, LLC



   - 4.9 kW PV system
   - Passive House Performance:
       - Specific heating demand: 4.7 kBTU/(ft^2yr)
       - Airtightness as tested: 0.40 ACH50
       - Total PE Value: 33.3 kBTU/(ft^2yr)